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Function introduction of sports wooden floor in Basketball Stadium
Playing basketball on the special sports wooden floor is OK, otherwise it is easy to have all kinds of accidental bruises. So compared with ordinary household wooden floor, what kind of function does sports wood floor have.
Main functions of sports wood floor:
1. Motor function
The existence of sports wooden floor provides sports and competition for athletes. When there is a basketball game, you can play a game, but if you don't have a ball game, you will be trained. The basic requirement is a super strong load. The take-off and springiness of athletes will affect them.
2. Technical function
Sports wood flooring professionals point out that the curing and service life of wood flooring must reach the level required by competition and training. For example, when the relevant facilities move on the floor, its surface and structure can not be damaged, but as long as the quality of sports wood flooring products reaches the standard. Sports wood floor manufacturers, there are some lower price wooden floor in the market, it looks like professional basketball sports wood floor, in terms of service life and protection are less than professional basketball sports wood floor, easy to cause injury.
3. Protection function
During the take-off
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