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Introduction and maintenance of maple sports wood floor in stadiums and gymnasiu

    Now some of the sports wood floors in the market are made of maple solid wood, because the texture of maple is more beautiful, and it also contains some fibers and is not easy to break. And it can change back to the original shape after deformation and so on. There is also a point we should pay attention to, long wood fiber and tight wood fiber structure, which will make maple material has good elasticity and corresponding hardness. One of the characteristics is that the sports wood floor has water repellency, so we choose Natural Maple to make wood, and the wood also has hygroscopicity. After the sports floor is soaked in water, the moisture content will change, which destroys the balance of the sports wood floor, and it is easy to have swelling changes. Another point is that the requirements of sports wooden floor on the environment will be higher, we often need indoor humidity of 50% to 70%. If the indoor air humidity can not meet this demand, it will make the sports wood floor bulge deformation. We often use the body

 I hope this will help everyone. Editor's note: if you have any questions about the sports wood floor, you can directly communicate with our online experts, or call the company telephone, and communicate with the technical staff in detail. Only after we understand the relevant characteristics of the sports wood floor, can we be good at protecting the sports wood floor, and can we extend the sports wood floor to a large extent Service life, so as to provide better service for us. Changsen floor believes that with good reputation, new and old customers across the country to forge ahead together!

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