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Introduction and renovation of wood floor structure of professional sports hall
    Special sports wood floor structure refers to the floor specially used in basketball court, gymnasium and other sports places. According to relevant experts, it is not only necessary to lay the wooden floor of Basketball Hall in the competition venues such as basketball matches, but also pay attention to the use of wooden floor in sports hall in mass fitness venues. The wooden floor of sports hall is different from that of household floor. Its hardness, sliding coefficient, impact absorption and pavement method have special requirements.
    Basketball court wooden floor renovation cost: when the basketball court wooden floor renovation, labor cost, floor fee and so on occupy the majority of the renovation price.
Different construction teams charge different fees, similar to the small team of sports wood flooring renovation team charges cheaper. Please a professional renovation team, the price will appear relatively high, such a renovation team is more professional. In general, after their renovation of the solid wood sports floor will not have traces, and the entire renovation of the venue, the environmental damage is relatively small
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